Fenêtre blanche avec des fleurs rouges

Tips and tricks to keep cool this summer

Summer is just around the corner! Let’s take a look at our tips for keeping cool and making the most of the summer. All it takes is a few simple gestures to feel good at home and, who knows, save a few pennies on your electricity bill…

1- Close the curtains:

This goes without saying, but remember to close the curtains when sunlight is streaming in through the window. The air in the room will stay cooler and you can save on air-conditioning costs.

2- Avoid appliances that generate a lot of heat.

Ovens, dryers and irons are just some of the appliances that can quickly raise room temperature. Also, don’t forget to switch off standby devices such as computers, televisions, stereos, and so on.

3- Open the windows at night:

In this way, you can ventilate your home while enjoying the freshest possible air. A good dose of ventilation will help lower the temperature and cool the walls, furniture and floors, which absorb the day’s heat.

4- Think plants!

Of course, a green roof isn’t for everyone’s budget, but it can be an excellent solution for keeping the heat out. Mature trees also offer good protection around your home.

5- Watch out for your bulbs!

In fact, there are now a multitude of LED bulb models on the market that consume little energy and therefore produce little heat. It’s time to replace your incandescents and halogens if you still have them!

6- The dehumidifier, your ally:

Humidity is what makes heat so hard to bear, and this device can help you bring the ambient level down quickly.