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Experience intergenerational harmony in your custom-designed home with our Intergenerational Homes service.

Transform your ideas into reality with our Intergenerational Homes service. Take advantage of our expertise in designing harmonious and functional spaces, perfectly adapted to the living needs of several generations. Discover the beauty of living together in a multi-generational home, where every detail is carefully considered to meet your unique family expectations.

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Intergenerational Homes

Whether you are considering an extension to your current residence or embarking on renovations, our team stands out for its expertise in the design of functional and harmonious spaces, perfectly suited to the living needs of several generations. Discover the beauty of life in a multi-generational home. We are here to help you turn your ideas into reality, with professionalism and passion.
Are you considering building a second floor in your home to accommodate multiple family members? As multi-generational home specialists, we are committed to combining your family’s unique needs with the nuances of multi-generational living to create a custom home. Trust our team to design a functional and harmonious home suited to your family, where every detail is carefully thought out to meet your expectations.

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The transformation of houses into multi-generational homes is an exciting approach to creating living spaces suitable for intergenerational cohabitation. At Sylca Construction, we understand the importance of designing homes that meet the varied needs and lifestyles of different generations. Our residential construction experts specialize in building multi-generational homes using existing home structures. Working closely with our clients, we design plans that integrate self-contained units or distinct spaces while promoting family interactions. Whether by adding independent apartments or maximizing the use of available space, we implement innovative solutions to create harmonious and comfortable environments. Thanks to our expertise in the construction of multi-generational homes, we offer our clients homes where conviviality, privacy and the well-being of each member of the family are at the heart of the design. Entrust us with your house transformation project into a multi-generational house and find out how we can turn your aspirations into a habitable and welcoming reality for all.
The renovation of multi-generational homes is a real opportunity to create unique and versatile living spaces, adapted to modern needs and lifestyles. At Sylca Construction, we understand the importance of designing harmonious environments that allow several generations to coexist while preserving their privacy. Our residential renovation experts specialize in transforming existing homes into functional and aesthetically pleasing multi-generational spaces. Whether by adding self-contained units or rearranging interior spaces to provide harmonious cohabitation, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and design tailor-made solutions. We pay special attention to the design of common spaces, such as kitchens, living rooms and entertainment areas, to encourage family interaction while maintaining individual privacy. Thanks to our expertise in renovating multi-generational homes, we create living spaces that promote well-being, conviviality and family harmony, thus offering an exceptional residential experience for all generations involved. Entrust us with your multi-generational home renovation project and discover how we can transform your living space into a meeting and sharing place for your entire family.
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Multi-generational homes offer many significant benefits for today’s families. By combining the benefits of intergenerational cohabitation with distinct living spaces, these homes offer unique flexibility and adaptability. Benefits include financial savings through sharing housing costs and living expenses, improved quality of life for seniors by providing family support and constant companionship, and an opportunity for learning and increased family bonding for children who grow up with their grandparents. In addition, multi-generational homes promote the creation of strong family ties, encourage intergenerational solidarity and allow better management of resources and space. In short, these homes offer a harmonious and balanced living environment that meets the varied needs and aspirations of each member of the family.  These homes create a balanced and harmonious living environment that caters to the diverse needs and aspirations of each family member. Moving forward to Custom construction or renovation, Sylca Construction distinguishes itself through our dedication to quality and personalized service.

Custom construction or renovation

At Sylca Construction, our design and construction approach for multi-generation homes is distinguished by our commitment to quality, excellence and a personalized approach. We start by carefully listening to your needs and aspirations, then our design team translates these ideas into concrete plans. During construction or renovation, we make sure to use quality materials and respect strict standards, while guaranteeing precise work and an impeccable finish. Our goal is to create unique living spaces that meet your needs and reflect your lifestyle, while respecting deadlines.
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Our latest

Are you curious to find out what we are capable of? Since our creation, Sylca Construction has successfully completed numerous multi-generation house projects. All projects were completed on time and in compliance with building code standards. Our commitment to quality and excellence is reflected in every project we undertake. This is how we were able to carry out various works and participate in various projects such as the addition of independent apartments, the renovation of common spaces to encourage cohabitation, or the creation of friendly outdoor areas for the whole family, to name just a few examples.
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