Discover the turnkey expertise of our residential service to master the art of residential construction and transform your living space.
Discover how our team specializing in residential construction and renovation can transform your home into an exceptional living space. Whether you are considering an expansion, renovation or simply improvements, our expertise in residential construction and renovation guarantees the successful completion of your project. Entrust us with your project and let us help you create the home of your dreams.
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Residential construction and renovation

At Sylca Construction, we understand that each room in your home plays an essential role in your daily life. This is why our expertise in residential construction is focused on transforming your living spaces, thereby meeting your specific needs and aspirations. Whether expanding your kitchen to make it the welcoming heart of your home, renovating your bathroom to create a relaxing sanctuary, or upgrading your living room to provide a warm and welcoming gathering space, our dedicated team puts its work into practice. know-how to bring your ideas to life and transform every space in your home. Trust our experts to carry out your construction and residential renovation projects with precision and excellence, creating a harmonious and personalized living environment that inspires you every day.

Turnkey residential renovation

Calling on Sylca Construction for the framework of your house guarantees you the intervention of a team of professionals including a carpenter specialized in various types of assemblies, whether standard or traditional, such as doweled mortise-tenon, Jupiter trait and dovetail. Whether you are considering work for a new construction, a self-construction, a renovation, or the addition of roof trusses, joists, or even the creation of a mezzanine, a garage or a shed, we we have the expertise to meet your needs. If you are looking for a frame with a unique and visible style, our traditional frame option is for you. This construction technique combines tradition, aesthetics and authenticity. Wood, displayed in all its splendor, will bring a warm and comfortable atmosphere while adding a touch of nobility to your interior. We are also able to work closely with your architect to design the framework that will give an exceptional character to your home. If you do not yet have an architect, we can refer you to trusted experts to develop plans for your project.
The strength of your residential construction largely depends on its structure, and at Sylca, we offer you a range of formwork solutions to shape the concrete according to your needs. Our standard formwork offers the best value for money on the market, while our insulating formwork, similar to a giant Lego block, is installed on site by our carpenters. Equipped with an interior frame and CR-50 insulation, it surpasses standard formwork in terms of quality. It is the ideal choice to save energy and ensure better resistance to fire and noise. We also offer the installation of water-repellent foundations, with slabs equipped with a special membrane, perfect for homes located near watercourses. With quality formwork, your construction, renovation or residential expansion project will have a solid foundation, essential to its success! Our service offering is not limited to formwork, but encompasses all aspects of residential construction and renovation, to offer you a complete and integrated solution.
Sylca Construction's excavation expertise guarantees safe and professional work for your project. Each step, from general excavation to the installation of French drains, is carried out with precision and compliance with current standards. Our experienced team carefully reviews plans to avoid damage to underground services before starting work. When you entrust your residential project to Sylca Construction, you are guaranteed a complete and personalized service. Our team takes care of all technical aspects, from assessing the land to finalizing the work, ensuring that each step is carried out with care and expertise. In addition, we remain attentive to your needs throughout the process, keeping you informed of the progress of the work and responding to all your questions and concerns. Our goal is to provide you with a worry-free experience.
Our approach to residential renovation begins with attentive listening to your needs and aspirations. By working closely with you, we develop a plan that optimizes space, improves functionality and creates a harmonious aesthetic. Our teams of qualified professionals are committed to providing results that meet your expectations, using top quality materials and modern techniques for a durable and aesthetic renovation. Whether you want to update your kitchen, remodel your bathroom, expand your living space or simply refresh the look of your home, we are here to bring your ideas to life and transform your space into an inspiring and fulfilling place. If you have renovation projects in mind, whether for your bathroom, your doors and windows, your basement or any other part of your home, our versatile team is ready to bring them to fruition professionally and on time. . We work closely with you to keep you informed every step of the way and ensure your satisfaction. Whether you want to participate in the work or entrust it entirely to our team, we are here to make your ideas feasible.
Do you want to breathe new life into the exterior appearance of your home? Current materials are showing signs of aging and it is time to opt for a new exterior covering? Don't panic, the expert team at Sylca Construction is here to meet all your needs! We provide installation and, if necessary, provide you with a complete range of new exterior cladding products, including brick, wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, torrefied wood and concrete. Choose the style that suits your desires and we'll take care of the rest. Sylca Construction also offers a range of services for various changes and additions to your home. Whether for cornices, gutters, roof replacement, installation of soffits and fascias, or even the addition of a steel door to your entrance, we are here to make your projects a reality! If you are building part of your house yourself, we can provide you with our expertise to install the framework and everything related to the exterior of your home. Trust our team for a result that meets your expectations.
Our expertise in comprehensive home renovation also includes your interior space. When we take on a renovation or build to extend or transform your home, we take care of every detail, including windows to ensure optimal aesthetics and energy efficiency. Often overlooked but essential joints are carefully repaired and sealed, preserving the structural integrity of your home while improving sound insulation, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment. When it comes to painting, we use our expertise for finishes that match your tastes and the atmosphere you want to create in each room. Acoustics are also at the heart of our concerns, whether to mitigate unwanted noise or to optimize the acoustics in specific spaces such as entertainment rooms. Our commitment to a complete home improvement service reflects our specialization in transforming your entire home, with a focus on comfort, aesthetics and functionality.
During any renovation, plumbing and electrical finishes play an essential role in ensuring the proper functioning and safety of your space. Plumbing includes installing faucets, efficient drainage systems, and any other equipment needed for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Likewise, electricity encompasses the installation of outlets, switches, lighting and any electrical systems necessary to meet your daily needs. Quality finishes in these areas guarantee a functional, safe interior environment that complies with current standards.
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Exterior renovation

Transform the exterior of your home into a true oasis with our exterior design services. At Sylca Construction, we understand the importance of creating harmonious and functional outdoor spaces. We work with landscaping experts, and our in-house team of experts are also here to design and build decks and outdoor spaces that perfectly complement your home, adding an extra dimension to your lifestyle. By working in conjunction with landscaping experts, we offer you a full range of services to make your projects a reality, whether it is building a cabin, a swimming pool or other outdoor facilities.

Architectural Design Services

With Sylca Construction, your vision comes to life with our complete residential service. We work closely with talented architects and designers, connecting you with experts who will capture your aesthetic and functional aspirations. Our commitment is to transform your ideas into reality, focusing on a complete service including all aspects of the renovation, from design to functional aspects, for every space in your home.
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Explore our expertise in residential construction and renovation! Since our creation, Sylca Construction has successfully completed numerous projects in this area. All our work is carried out on time and within building code standards, demonstrating our commitment to quality and excellence. Thanks to our expertise, we have been able to carry out various projects, such as the expansion of basements, the addition of a second floor to a single-storey house, the construction of garages, and many others Again.
Discover our achievements for yourself and be inspired by our creativity and professionalism.
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