Build a prosperous future for your business with our expertise in commercial and industrial construction and renovation.
Find out how we can transform your commercial or industrial space to optimize its efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Whether you need to expand, renovate, demolish, our expertise helps you build the future of your business. From demolition to renovation, we guarantee significant transformations that strengthen your image and your success.
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Commercial and industrial renovation

At Sylca Construction, we are the experts in commercial and industrial construction and renovation who energize your professional space. Whether to boost your space with an expansion, rejuvenate it with a renovation, or transform it with controlled demolition, our team is here to bring your projects to life and propel the future of your business to new heights! Discover how our integrated approach and key steps ensure complete expertise, from design to completion, for exceptional results on every project.

Our expertise in construction and renovation

The demolition and maintenance phase occupies a central place in any construction and renovation project. At Sylca Construction, our team specializing in demolition and maintenance services has a perfect understanding of the techniques and procedures necessary to prepare the land efficiently and safely. We use precise and controlled methods to eliminate obsolete or non-compliant structures. Indeed, whether it concerns entire buildings, specific parts of structures or complex installations. Maintenance, for its part, includes a set of services aimed at maintaining and preserving existing installations.
At Sylca Construction, our complete offer includes concreting and formwork work, essential in the construction of commercial or industrial buildings. Thus, professionals pay particular attention to these crucial steps to guarantee the solidity and durability of the structures. They master advanced concreting techniques, creating solid foundations, resistant slabs and robust supporting structures. In addition, the formwork is carried out precisely to give shape to the concrete elements, using wooden, metal or composite material formwork according to project specifications. Our complete service for commercial renovation ensures careful finishes and structures that comply with current plans and standards.
Once the concrete is poured and the structural elements are in place, work progresses with the assembly of the main elements of the structure, such as beams, columns, load-bearing walls, floors, stairs, etc., according to the design of the building. Alongside this, the installation of essential technical systems begins, including electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security systems. If the project involves additional masonry elements such as interior walls, partitions, chimneys, facades, etc., these works are also carried out. Likewise, structural work for roofs, wooden structures, awnings, etc., can be carried out. Finally, the thermal and acoustic insulation and waterproofing of the building are ensured.
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Integrated project management

At Sylca Construction, project management is a fundamental pillar of our expertise in commercial construction and renovation. We take a methodical and organized approach, effectively coordinating all phases of the project, from initial planning to final delivery. Our experts carefully oversee every aspect, including team coordination, resource management, deadline tracking, and compliance with quality and safety standards.

This commitment to rigorous management extends to our vision of innovation and sustainability. Thanks to our technical expertise and our proactive approach, we ensure to deliver projects that not only meet your expectations, but also contribute positively to the environment and the future of your business.

Innovation and sustainability

At Sylca Construction, our commitment to innovation and sustainability guides each of our projects. We invest in cutting-edge technologies and best practices for forward-thinking construction and renovation solutions. Our objective: to integrate sustainable methods, minimizing environmental impact while ensuring optimal performance and increased longevity of buildings.

We collaborate with partners who share our sustainability values. With Sylca Construction, you benefit from technical expertise, integrated project management and a commitment to projects that contribute positively to your business and our environment. Discover our latest achievements to find out more!
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Our latest

At Sylca Construction, our know-how in commercial and industrial construction and renovation is our pride. Are you curious to find out what we are capable of? Well, since our beginnings, we have carried out a multitude of projects, ranging from the creation of innovative spaces to the renovation of buildings. Our integrated project management approach and commitment to excellence allow us to exceed our clients’ expectations at every stage.

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